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The Longevity of Icons – A Picture is Worth More Than One Word

The Longevity of Icons – A Picture is Worth More Than One Word

One of my biggest issues with iOS7 is that Apple is fairly inconsistent with the use of iconography vs. text. Take the email app, for example. If you swipe left in the listing view, it gives you options using text like “Trash”. But in other instances (like looking at a specific message), there is a trash can icon. Even though it didn’t need to use icons for screen real-estate purposes, iOS6 used icons more often and more consistently. Icons transcend language and makes translating an app into a different language a much easier endeavour. I have always admired LEGO instructions since they never need translation. Why can’t software be the same?
Icons are much more powerful than using words. Some people’s associations with icons are so strong, that even after the obsolescence of the item the icon is depicting, the icon persists. What icon do you click to save a document in Word? A diskette. When was the last time you used a 3.5″ floppy disk? My kids, the oldest of whom is 8, all know that’s what you click to save but they have never seen a diskette in their lives (and may never). 

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