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Great Movies you Never Knew Were About Entrepreneurs

Great Movies you Never Knew Were About Entrepreneurs

Over the years I have stumbled on some documentary movies that were not overtly about entrepreneurs, but turn out to be. They are various portraits of people who have managed to channel their obsession to accomplish great things. 

  • Man on Wire. this movie is about a French tightrope walker who decided at a young age that he was going to walk on a tightrope between the twin towers in NYC knowing that he would never be given permission. The movie chronicles the multi-year preparation of the mission, including recruiting a team to implement his crazy idea. Want to know the qualities of a good entrepreneur? Watch this movie.
  • Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work. This movie made me realize that Joan Rivers is a true entrepreneur. She has worked harder in her 80s than most people work over their whole career. You also get the sense of her complete devotion to her craft. 
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