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Another Lesson of the Cubs’ Victory
Revenge of the Nerd

Another Lesson of the Cubs’ Victory

I’ve been a Cubs fan for 20 years. It’s the first team I adopted when I moved to Chicago after college. I realize that’s not a lifetime, but I’m emotionally invested. It is for this reason that the World Series run up was thrilling and scary all at the same time. It’s magnified because I live right off of Addison St. a mile and a half from Wrigley.

There are so many lessons on teamwork in this victory: players that committed errors in the field only to follow it with a homerun at their next at bat. Recovering from disappointment and mistakes with resiliency. This is a team that relied on team depth and did not have reliance on any one player. It reminds me of the great Bo Schembechler speech (excerpts below):

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Revenge of the Nerd

This story is about a good friend of mine who wished to remain anonymous given the content of the story. We wrote this story together. Enjoy.

It was an unusually crummy weather day in 2005, and my wife and I decided to go to a movie.

As we were exiting our parked car to go into the theater, my wife inquired if she had to bring along her big purse. I’m always amazed on the occasions that I have to lift it. It is so heavy, I once checked if it contained a boulder collection or several preschool children.

“Naaaah, leave the purse, I said. My thinking: this was a pretty safe part of the city, and she didn’t need her purse in the theater and who wants to schlep a heavy purse for no reason?

The movie turned out to be awful, and we talked about the chain of bad decisions that resulted in the production of this opposite-of-a-masterpiece. Little did we know that this conversation would be a foreshadow.   Read More

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