I was a nerd before it was cool to be a nerd: I taught myself how to program when I was 13 and  I read the DOS manual cover to cover before I started shaving. I have been obsessed with technology my entire life and I have devoted my career to it.

There are plenty of blogs about venture capital  and startups, but few that tell stories from a software engineer’s perspective. Computer science is a great background to  prepare you for life in a startup or VC firm. But it also leaves one deficient in a lot business topics– something I learned first hand in my career and something I hope to help others address.

Currently, I am a Parter at Origin Ventures, the early backers of Grubhub, DialogTech, Tock, and many other great companies. Before Origin, for 13 years I worked at the venture capital firm OCA Ventures where I was involved in 60+ venture transactions as a member of the investment committee and as a general partner.

I gravitate toward technology investments, especially SaaS businesses where we can “fly by the instrumentation.” I am on the board/am a board observer for Tock, MyAlerts, Base CRM, and Ahalogy. Previously, I had board responsibilities for Alert Logic (acquired by Welsh Carson), Red FoundryWhittlTradeKing (acquired by Ally Financial) and Pinpoint Health. I also led OCA’s investments in Cartavi (acquired by Docusign), Brightnest (acquired by Angie’s list) and FeeFighters (acquired by Groupon).

I also have the great privilege of being an adjunct professor at Chicago Booth where I teach a finance class called the Private Equity and Venture Capital Laboratory.

Before this, I was a software engineer and software architect at Deloitte Consulting and at a San Francisco startup called 1stup. I went to the University of Michigan for undergrad (I studied computer science) where my distinction is that I did not make friends with Larry Page who was in the CS class a year before me.

I also went to business school at Chicago Booth where I met my wife and lots of other great people. The school transformed my career and life in immeasurable ways.

I have watched every movie that won a best picture and have seen hundreds of documentaries.

I hang out on Twitter,  LinkedInAngellist or Quora.

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